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The Book “Public Relations in Old Turks and Ottomans” Is Now Available
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  • The Book “Public Relations in Old Turks and Ottomans” Is Now Available

The Book “Public Relations in Old Turks and Ottomans” Is Now Available

Ekim 19, 2021 18:40
The Book “Public Relations in Old Turks and Ottomans” Is Now Available



Emine Kazan wrote a book about how public relations were handled in the Ottoman Empire and the Old Turks, as well as how the rulers and the ruled interacted with each other. “Public Relations in the Ancient Turks and the Ottoman Empire” a book that looks at the history of public relations from a different angle, took its place on the shelves. The book, which reinterprets history through the eyes of a public relations expert, draws attention to the contrast between today’s public relations organizations with communication organizations in the Ottoman Empire and in the Old Turkish States. According to Emine Kazan, the goal of this book is to draw attention to the public communication channels utilized by the Old Turks, Seljuks, and Ottomans, which have not received the recognition they deserve in the history of communication. Yakamoz Publishing (Yakamoz Yayıncılık in Turkish) published the book, which contains examples of public relations techniques. Following the publication of its initial version in 2007, the book has been enlarged and updated in response to reader feedback and is waiting to meet with its readers.

In Plato’s work ‘The Republic’, Socrates says that: “Let the state develop to the degree that it does not lose its integrity, we accept this; but we do not accept it to expand to the extent that it suffocates its oneness and unity…” But what if a state expands in a way that Socrates does not want it to, while maintaining its integrity? It is unknown whether the notion of ‘public relations’ was understood as well as it is now during Socrates’ during his lifetime; nevertheless, it is a fact that nearly everyone was aware of the importance of this concept in the Old Turks and the Ottoman Empire, which can be considered as its continuation. It would be difficult to discuss a 600-year-old state otherwise.

The originial book of the author Emine Kazan’s first book, “Public Relations in the Ottoman Empire” has been included as a reference book at the University of Michigan and other prominent colleges across the world.

The book “Public Relations in Old Turks and Ottomans” has made it to many important libraries: TÜHİD reference books, Public Relations sites, prominent universities and institutions such as: Toronto University, Oxford University, Harvard University, Michigan University, Orient-Institut Istanbul, Boğaziçi University, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt (ULB), New York University, Columbia University, Library of Congress, HathiTrust Digital Library, Ohio State University Libraries, UC Berkeley Libraries, California University, NRLF.

The reality that the Turks, who have lived a “nomadic” life throughout history, settled in Anatolia and remained here as a “state” for centuries is both fascinating and astounding. Many historians regard this event as a “treasure.” When studying the history of Turks, it is impossible to overlook the fact that they communicate with one another in ways that are remarkably distinct from those of other countries.

The hierarchy of the Old Turks, Seljuks, and Ottoman Empire was shaped with the perfect concord of the “ruling and ruled”. In the book “Public Relations in the Old Turks and the Ottoman Empire,” you will learn how the “public relations” operate in the Turks who have persisted for centuries.

Who is Emine Kazan?

She graduated from Selçuk University Faculty of Communication, she was studying in the Public Relations and Publicity Department and earned a “Public Relations Specialist” degree. She started her career as a correspondent for the Economy Service of the Hürriyet Newspaper. Because of her interest in research, she started to write research articles for the Dünya Group’s “Popular History Journal.” In 2007, she published her first book, “Public Relations in the Old Turks and the Ottoman Empire,” which is about the history of public relations.

She was involved in the formation of the Doğuş University Corporate Communications unit. She completed her MBA at Doğuş University in 2012. She graduated and received her diploma with a thesis titled “Corporate Social Responsibility Projects and Their Impact on Consumer Behavior.”

She still writes research articles for international economy magazines and news sites and works as a communication consultant. Her debut book is in the libraries of the world’s top institutions. With her debut book, she also earned awards in the field of public relations.


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